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Our Research

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Anhedonia, Development, and Emotions: Phenotyping and Therapeutics (ADEPT) Study

The goal of the ADEPT Study is to understand anhedonia in young people and how it changes based on treatments targeting the brain circuit underlying it.

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Depression, Reward, Inflammation, Verve, and Emotion (DRIVE) Study

The goal of the DRIVE Study is to understand the role of the brain’s dopamine system and reward system in depression in young people over time.

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Digital assessment of Young Adults & Detection of Suicidality (DYADS) Study

​​​​​​This research study focuses on young adults aged 18-30 who identify as LGBTQ+ (i.e., lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, questioning) or heterosexual and have experienced suicidal thoughts and behaviors.

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Treatment, Emotion, Neuromodulation, Depression (TREND) Study

​​​​​​Depression is a chronic, impairing form of psychopathology that is one of the world’s leading causes of disability. Brain connectivity and activity in a region in the prefrontal cortex (the dmPFC) has recently been identified as a biomarker for some types of depression.