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Depression, Reward, Inflammation, Verve, and Emotion (DRIVE) Study

The goal of the DRIVE Study is to understand the role of the brain’s dopamine system and reward system in depression in young people over time. The study will also examine how inflammation could influence depression through these brain systems. To do this, the study will include both young people with depression and young people with no history of mental health problems. By helping to understand the brain systems of depression, this study could, in the long term, eventually help develop treatments for people with depression. The DRIVE Study includes three visits over approximately two years. If you participate, you will complete an interview, MRI scan, behavioral tasks, questionnaires, and app-based assessment of experiences and behaviors at each visit. You will also have a blood draw at the first visit. Learn more through Pitt+Me

If you are interested in the DRIVE study, please take this short survey or scan here:

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