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Digital assessment of Young Adults & Detection of Suicidality (DYADS) Study

This research study focuses on young adults aged 18-30 who identify as LGBTQ+ (i.e., lesbian, gay, transgender, queer, questioning) or heterosexual and have experienced suicidal thoughts and behaviors. People in this group have a particularly high risk for suicidality, as they face identity-based bias and discrimination in addition to the usual social-developmental challenges of early adulthood. The goal of this research study is to investigate social factors in suicidality in young adults, who will complete 6 months of smartphone-based assessment of experiences, actigraphy to measure sleep patterns, an fMRI scan to measure brain function during social contexts, questionnaires, and interviews. In this study, we hope to learn more about social influences, so we are asking participants to bring one close friend to participate in a short task on the first visit. Learn more through Pitt+Me

IRB: STUDY20100183 

If you are interested in the DYADS Study, please take this short survey or scan here:


Current Collaborators

  • Randy Auerbach, PhD – consultant, Columbia University
  • Michele Bertocci, PhD - University of Pittsburgh
  • David Brent, MD – consultant, University of Pittsburgh
  • Kristen Eckstrand, MD, PhD - University of Pittsburgh
  • Peter Franzen, PhD - University of Pittsburgh
  • Mayank Goel, PhD – Carnegie Mellon University
  • Caroline Oppenheimer, PhD – Research Triangle Institute, NC
  • Dana Rofey, PhD - University of Pittsburgh
  • Jennifer Silk, PhD – University of Pittsburgh, The Families, Emotions, Neuroscience & Development (FEND) Lab
  • Meredith Wallace, PhD - University of Pittsburgh
  • Cathleen Willging, PhD – consultant, Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation